: New: Book Report: Chinese Playground

I picked up this book around the time that arms dealer Leland Yee was suspended from the California state senate. That case had some San Francisco Chinatown gangster connections. If you look around for books on that, this autobiography by Bill Lee comes up. This book talks about growing up in Chinatown with gangster connections. And you get a pretty good idea of why criminals shouldn't brag: once the cops start arresting everybody, plenty of panicky folks are ready to snitch. And then, a turn that would be too weird if it were fictional: This autobiography also has some tech company misogyny from 1988—Lee was there when Richard Wade Farley tried to prove to his stalkee Laura Black that he wasn't a scary creeper guy by killing lots of people in the office where she worked. If you wondered what violence lurks in the bay area, this book has more than its share.

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