: New: Book Report: The Maze of Games

The Maze of Games is a puzzle extravaganza: about 52 puzzles leading up to four meta-puzzles leading up to another meta, along with some bonus puzzles. The variety was fun; and on those few occasions when "variety" meant that there was a puzzle of a type I don't enjoy, the meta-puzzles forgave me and let me go on with partial data. (Well, the four meta-puzzles along the way. The biiiig meta-puzzle at the end, uhm, I haven't made any progress on that. Maybe that one requires complete data; I looked at it a while and put it down.)

(I signed up for this book as a Kickstarter. At about the same time, I also signed up for another Kickstarter, the Year of Puzzles. That project periodically sends out puzzles. It's also leading up to a meta-puzzle. But I probably won't even try that meta-puzzle. I printed out and solved those puzzles as they came in, over the course of months… and now those printouts are scattered. It was pretty nice that the Maze of Games arrived as a big book; it forced me to keep everything together. Hmm, maybe I should wait for the Year of Puzzles to finish, and then do it all at once so I don't lose track of my notes again. Anyhow: book form factor, handy.)

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