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I attended an interesting talk recently. It was about tracing requests in complex service-oriented-architecture web service dealies. It was by Ben Sigelman, who worked on the Dapper project—which traced requests in a complex service-oriented-architecture web service dealie called Google. Twitter's open-source Zipkin is similar.

This talk was ostensibly about the Go programming language. Go comes with some nice network-request handling capabilities built in. If your organization uses Go, you probably don't have to set up some complex RPC-request-handling framework. But then…if you want to snake some tracing information through all of your services, you don't necessarily have a great way to do that: everything's just running on top of Go's built-in stuff.

Maybe the lesson is: if you're starting a new Go-based SOA dealie, put a gratuitous wrapper on all the request-handling code. And request-dispatching code. You might be glad later—like if you want to receive a tracing token with each request you get and relay it along with each request you send out. Or maybe that wasn't the point. There was also something about the importance of not taking too long for garbage collection, so I might have gotten things muddled. Anyhow: video, slides, nerdery.

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