: New: Book Report: Everything is Bullshit

The Priceonomics blog wrote a book with a rude name. It's pretty interesting; a lot of it was stuff that I'd already read. (I wasn't subscribed to the blog, but other folks kept forwarding links…) From the "Price" in the blog title and the rude word, you might think this is another book pointing out that prices mean only what we want them to mean. There's plenty of that. But there are other things, too. You might remember some months back a blog post getting forwarded around, a post about a recently evicted San Francisco lady living in her car getting ice from hotels for her insulin. That was a Priceonomics post; that post made it into the book. (The blog wrote up Terrence Faulkner, the guy who writes looney-tunes rebuttals in San Francisco voter guides; he's real. That article didn't make it into the book, though.)

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