: New: I'm lahosken on ello.co

I joined that social network ello.co. https://ello.co/lahosken, that's me. If you're on there and we know each other, we should "follow" each other. Or whatever it's called on this thing.

If you follow tech news, you might be thinking "I kinda remember hearing about ello". For a week, it was in the news as a new social network that, in various journalists' opinion, would destroy Facebook. The next week, it was in the news as a social network that would, unforgivably, not kill Facebook. From that kerfuffle, I learned more about tech journalism than I did about ello.

If you're not on ello.co and don't follow tech news, and wonder what it's like, uhm. So far, it kinda reminds me of tumblr. Which might mean it's an easy way to have a pretty image blog or might mean that I shouldn't prejudice you with "after poking at this for 15 minutes, it kinda reminds me of…" remarks. ello has an "About" page. Let me know if you'd like an invite.

(Are you surprised that I brought up tumblr? In theory, I'm also on tumblr. I posted things there when it was easy to syndicate a blog to tumblr. But when that went away, I pretty much stopped getting tumblr "engagement" and stopped bothering to logging in. That was a few years ago. I still follow a bunch of tumblr blogs via feed. Hey, if you're on tumblr and we know each other, we should follow each other… and if there are a bunch of you, maybe I'll start logging in again… but I'm pretty sure there aren't a bunch of you, because I would have known by now. Anyhow.)

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