: New: Urban Morphology is Everywhere, even San Francisco's Mission District

We built this city on rock and roll; I built puzzles on this city. Tonight I made a rare journey out to the Mission District to meet friends and listen to shoegazy music. But on the way over, I stopped in a certain alley with a certain musical-themed mural… and thus found out that mural was gone. I'd based an Octothorpean puzzle on that mural. Suspecting that mural might not last long, I announced that puzzle ahead of the rest of Octothorpean. But it lasted quite a while. But tonight it was gone.

So, back at home, full of shoegaze, I set about removing that puzzle from its "arc" of puzzles, lest anyone try to solve it in the future.

Tags: puzzlehunts urban morphology octothorpean

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