: New: Urban Morphology is Everywhere, even San Francisco's Union Square Neighborhood

A lamp post is gone. That's not surprising—it was surrounded by construction for the new subway line. But that post was special, a "landmark" for a photo walk puzzle in the 2-Tone Game. That could explain why those folks who solved that puzzle a few weeks back needed hints to get past that; they were trying to find something that was no longer there.

It was a neat feature for a photo walk puzzle. The usual gimmick with those is getting folks to spot something from far away. This post had something unusual: a number in a distinctive font; the number was on the "wrong side" of the post to be visible as teams walked towards it. But as they walked along, they were looking right at a post with a distinctive-font number that was off-by-one from the number they were looking for. So they could figure out they were looking for a lamp post, probably one nearby. It was an "aha" for teams, not the usual photo walk "aha". It was fun watching playtesters figure it out.

Anyhow, I figured out a new landmark, fixed up that puzzle with a new photo. But I'll miss that post.

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