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It's a book about new housing developments in China, specifically those which have been made "Western-style". Why put up a copy of the Eiffel Tower in a newly developed Shanghai suburb? Why not? There's some interesting things to talk about here; alas, many of them are explained rigorously in academic language. I found my attention drifting as I tried to read. I was reading this book on the bus one day. The lady sitting next to me said she was impressed that I was reading something so serious. So then I felt doubly bad about skipping through the book—that I was seeming more serious than I was. (She asked me why I was reading it. I said it was a recommendation from someone I knew (Hi, Mahlen!), so maybe she eventually figured out that relative to my peer group, I'm not really the serious one. Anyhow…)

What are the interesting bits?

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