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I finally figured out there's no great way for me to walk south off of San Bruno mountain, a.k.a., the dramatic hill from the end of the WHO game.

Ages ago, when I wanted to take a long walk, I used the "keep walking south" rule to pick my route. This was a good rule: I didn't have to think about it very hard. This was a not-so-good rule: depending on how it played out, I'd find myself on top of San Bruno mountain with no further-south place to aim for. Trail maps showed some trails heading down; it wasn't so easy to spot those trails when actually up there.

A while back (a couple of years ago?) I tried walking down a fire road; it got pretty steep at a couple of points. To get down without fallng, I scrambled around on all fours for a bit. It was kind of scary. Maybe someone with better balance than mine could have made it down with no worries… but I am a bit tall and gangly. I didn't really want to do that again.

In my time off, I've been taking some long-ish walks. For a couple of those walks, I tried hiking up San Bruno mountain from the south, to figure out where its down-trails started. One of those was the trail I'd already tried. But the other one was new, and seemed less steep; though it got kind of undefined where it hit a fence around a water tank. But BUT it was a new trail to try walking down.

So today, I tried walking down that trail. It was less steep than the other, but still steep enough to get me down on all fours at a couple of points; and at another point, I still slipped and fell on my butt.

So it was a bit of a tumble, but also a bit of a triumph: now I'll stop wondering if I've been overlooking some easy way to head south from there.

Thus this morning, I triumphantly walked the streets of South San Francisco, tapping at my phone to update Swarm: I'd survived falling down.

And then I walked into a signpost because I was looking at my phone instead of where I was going. Served me right.

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