: New: Book Report: The Innovators

It's a book of mini-biographies and mini-histories from the history of computing. The angle: it's about people worked together to make things happen.

I wish I'd read this book a while ago. Mostly, I wish I'd read it before I'd read so many biographies and histories from the history of computing. As it was, I waded past plenty of material I'd already learned about. It was kind of interesting to keep going to see some insight about how these folks had worked together. But there was a lot of wading. If I hadn't already read about so much of this, it would have been more interesting. E.g., I'd recently read What the Dormose Said, and so I was pretty sure that the nightclub name "Big Ng's" was a typo, and a typo that was kind of a sad typo to think about.

Tags: book vintage computing

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