: New: Wanted: Mnemonic for Proper Coyote Hazing

What this photo is failing to show you is a coyote peeking out from amongst the eucalyptus trees uphill from UCSF Parnassus Heights, i.e., really really close to where I live.

That's from my walk this morning. I guess I should learn how to behave around coyotes, since they're evidently settling into the neighborhood. From the leaflet I saw on my walk yesterday on Telegraph Hill, I remembered that I was either definitely supposed to "haze" the coyote or definitely not supposed to "haze" the coyote depending on what month it was and some other things. Here, to "haze" a coyote means to yell at it and annoy it so that it doesn't get too comfortable with humans.

Anyhow, now that I'm back home I can look at this Project Coyote flyer. It says…

Don’t haze if it is March through July, and you are in a park or open space and think you could be near a coyote den, or if you think that pups could be present.

Haze if a coyote approaches you in a park or in a neighborhood, or if you see a coyote who is comfortable walking your street or visiting yards.

I've forgotten that "March through July" before, so I want a mnemonic for that. Then again, maybe that would be necessary but not sufficient. Maybe the Project Coyote people, upon encountering a coyote in some environment, have opinions about whether they "could be near a coyote den." But of course, I have no idea; I'm not even sure what counts as "close" for this purpose.

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