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I drew five letters in chalk, one letter in each of five sidewalk squares. I drew slowly, deliberately, neatly. Maybe ten seconds per letter? So figure it was about a minute before the security guard came over to hassle me.

I didn't have a puzzle in mind for these letters, just an interesting patch of sidewalk. Before I got too attached to any puzzle idea that relied on this interesting patch of sidewalk, I wanted to know: Would the security guards of the nearby overly-security-guarded private property hassle me?

Thus, I drew five letters in chalk to figure out I shouldn't bother to make a puzzle on that spot. My brain wired the way it is, I spaghetti'd a puzzle out of those letters, Boggled them together to form L-A-N-D-S, decided it was thematic based on the current situation for being hassled over legal use of public property. Or something like that.

Tags: puzzle scene barbaric decoration

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