: New: Book Report: The Quantum Thief

Yes it's been a few weeks since my most recent Book Report. I've been busy. Also, my shelf of New Yorkers filled up. I keep around old issues of the New Yorker to read on occasions it doesn't make sense to carry around a book or a Kindle. There aren't so many of those occasions, so mostly I just accumulate magazines. A few months ago, my shelf filled up. So I buckled down, (mostly) stopped reading books and just read magazines.

Mostly. I didn't want to lug magazines to Canada, so I read Kindle books there. But mostly I've been reading magazines. Anyhow, I did read some books and I guess it's time to catch up on reporting them.

The Quantum Thief is a caper in a sci-fi world that's into encryption. It's fun to think about encryption. Probably I should go read a book about that instead of a novel.

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