: New: posted my kloak contact info

I posted my kloak QR code with the rest of my contact information. I mailed that QR code to a bunch of folks. But when I was looking for lists of people to mail it to, I used social networks. So I didn't mail folks who would be most interested in kloak: folks who are creeped out at how much social networks know about their users. I know I've had that conversation over the year with a few folks, but it's been long enough such that I no longer remember who all I've had it with. So now that there's a social network that doesn't let even their algorithms peek at what their users are saying, I can't remember who to tell about it. So I'll post my "address" there for all to see.

Over on Kloak I've mentioned brands I would dread mentioning on regular social networks since I know I'd see ads for [redacted] for days afterwards. If you want to read that and I didn't mail you that QR code, don't despair. Just go to my contact info page. If you follow me, you might want to let me know—Kloak doesn't tell you who's "following" you.

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