: New: Upcoming Come Out and Play talk

Catherine Herdlick, cofounder of the Come Out and Play festival, will give a talk at the Adventure Design Group in April. The announcement says she'll talk about "…her intentions for the next steps of the San Francisco festival."

I thought I might skip this one—I'm glad she does that she organizes this festival. But I'm not sure I want to hear a talk about festival organization? I attend Adventure Design Group talks when they seem like they might help me to design better puzzlehunts. (Maybe this talk would teach me to organize better puzzlehunt festivals?)

But if you know something about her intentions for the next steps of the San Francisco festival that mean I should attend, feel free to nudge me. I'm just mentioning this talk because I mentioned it to a couple of puzzlehunt nerds that I bumped into on the street just now.

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