: New: Comic Report: The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye

This comic is funny. I say that right away because when I tell you the premise, you'll be tempted to click away thinking "oh that is some fauxlitical artsy-fartsy bullroar to be purchased by earnest sweater-wearing public radio fans and never read." I bought this comic because I flipped through the pages and liked the art; I didn't hear the premise until I was checking it out and the excellent comic shop proprietor clued me in. The premise: it's a graphic novel modern history of Singapore, told as the collected works of a fictional cartoonist who lived through that history and who drew that history in styles inspired by comics of the time. Sounds like it should be a boring disaster, yes? Fortunately, it's funny enough to keep your attention as it shows political power struggles, the effect on the community, and various comics styles from Walt Kelly to Mad Magazine to… oh gee wiz that sounds awful. I'll just shut up now while I'm ahead.

Tags: comic choice

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