: New: Jotting Notes on Issac Kelly's Adventure Design Group talk

Issac Kelly has done technical things for Nonchalance and at some places I hadn't heard of. He's made gizmos and web sites. I was hoping to hear about those, but instead he talked more about project management. I guess he wanted a topic that everyone could enjoy? (Or maybe it's a topic he's had to impress upon some not-so-teamworky folks?) A couple of points used the motivating technical example of the Qwa͑̍̐z' Gallery wand dispenser, a highly specialized vending machine. The good news is that I found myself agreeing with this talk. The bad news is that I wasn't going to learn much from an introductory lecture about project management, having picked up that much from the school of hard knocks acquired when projects tumbled off the rails if I may mix metaphors and sorry what was the question? Oh yes. All in all an agreeable evening of nodding along. And it could have gone badly; my body's still halfway on Eastern time and it takes interesting topics to keep me awake so "late". Bonus: he used a big font size for his presentation. I'm still myoping around in my old-prescription spare spectacles, and apparently my distance vision changed a lot since they were made. But it was big text on a big screen, so I was able to read along as I nodded, and maybe the nodding even helped me to focus so there you go.

[Updated to add: link to video]

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