: New: Book Report: Coyotes

Donald Trump is scared of undocumented Mexican workers. Then again, he's a coward who's scared of plenty of things. How much should you worry? In Ted Conover's book Coyotes, he (Conover, not Trump) talks about living with them. He worked in the fields; he snuck across the border a couple of times; he snuck around the USA with them. He stayed in a Mexican village (pretty interesting—no young men there, they were all working across the border; it was as if the nation was at war). You will be shocked (shocked) to learn that picking fruit is hard work; that there are some bad folks amongst these Mexicans, but darned few; that walking through a cactus-filled desert in the dark of night is no fun. After reading this book, I am less scared of Mexican folks but more scared of cactus spines (with some justification, as they've done me harm in the past).

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