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Remember phraser, that tool for generating puzzle-design-friendly word lists? I just updated it. I found OMDB, a big database of movie info with a public API. (Did I find it? Or did one of you tell me about it? It's been long enough such that I can no longer remember when/how I heard about it. Anyhow.) I used it to grab a bunch of movie titles, grind them up, and add them to the mix of the phraser word lists. Yay, a chance to inject more pop-culture data into a data set which perhaps leans too much towards Wikipedia's knowledge of real-world things like history and geography and diseases of sheep. Except… I guess I should have had more confidence in the pop-culture data I'd already used. I hoped that all of those movie titles would make a difference. The main difference they make, uhm, is that the phrase "The Making of" got a boost. Yeah, "The Making of" is a phrase you'll see in many movie titles, for sure. But those "The Making of…" movies don't tend to turn up in puzzles. (Hey people designing the MIT Mystery Hunt: please do not interpret that previous sentence as a challenge.) Bah, a lot of tinkering and staring at data to eventually figure out I'd made only a minor difference. But I guess that's gonna happen when your measure of quality is "uhm, seems like it would be good for puzzles, I guess?" And it's good to know about that OMDB thing; it's certainly easier to automate than screen-scraping IMDB. Anyhow: updated word/phrase lists at the phraser page; updated source code.

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