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It was a bestseller. Everybody read this before I did. You probably already read this or decided you wouldn't. Anyhow. It's a memoir of grief on the Pacific Coat Trail. I saw the movie before I read the book; I liked the movie. The book was different, was able to capture different things. The book captures the scariness of hiking alone that I could sympathize with: the horror of losing the trail; gradually realizing you're trespassing.* The book captures other scariness I didn't share but could appreciate: the horror of being a woman hiking alone, encountering creeps. It's not all scariness; there are happy parts, too; the appreciation of food after deprivation, the kindness of strangers.

*Oh gee whiz, in the time in between when I wrote this report and when I got around to posting it, I got caught trespassing by some deputies. They let me go, perhaps telepathically determining that I hadn't set out intending to trespass… Anyhow.

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