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Last week, I walked most of the way around the bay (again). This week, I wrote about it. Unlike the previous time I walked most of the way around the bay, I didn't make a point of stopping at interesting places. Thus the walk was mostly uneventful. This makes for a strange writeup. A la "Here is one sentence saying that I walked for several hours without incident" intermingled with "Here are three paragraphs of ranting about how some difficult wayfinding turned what should have been 1km of walking along Trimble Road into a detour walking into the San Jose Airport You think I'm exaggerating but it's all true."

I left in the long rant because if I'm planning another one of these walks and I think to myself "I'll ad-lib my navigation from north San Jose to Milpitas, it'll be tricky but OK," I'm hoping I'll see this and remember "Oh gee whiz it will not be OK, why would I ever think that?"

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