: New: CA congress-callers, you have 2 senators

I love reading tweets&posts from my friends calling their congress critters. The 5 Calls web site is pretty excellent for keeping track of issues to call about; and I see a lot of folks are using it. Hmm, it only seems to know about one CA senator, tho: Feinstein. I see a lot of CA folks frustrated because Senator Feinstein's lines are busy and her voice mailboxes are full.

Californians, you have another another Senator: Kamala Harris. She has contact info at her website, but I'll copy-paste it here: Washington DC office 1-(202) 224-3553, Sacramento office (916) 448 - 2787. When I called WDC just now, I couldn't speak to a human… but at least the voicemail wasn't full, hurrah. I could leave a message. Maybe you can, too.

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