: New: Book Report: The Intel Trinity

It's a biography of Robert Noyce, Andy Grove, Gordon Moore, and the early days of Intel.

Though Moore's Law (chip processing power you get from a chip per size per cost doubles every ~18mos.) comes off as an invevitable rule. But that's not how the Intel folks saw it. They saw it as a commitment: chips would get better at that rate, and it was up to Intel to make it happen. Later, when Intel was the local "800 pound gorilla", they could kinda force it to happen: when they set a chip's price, that was the price by golly.

I was reading this back during the Nov 2016 Presidential election. Andy Grove survived the holocaust in Europe, but had a horrible time along the way; it was grim reading while American neo-Nazis cheered their candidate to victory.

Remember back when my website got zapped for a few weeks? The good news is that it was mostly backed up. The bad news is that my draft blog posts weren't backed up. Maybe I had a wordier book report prepped? Anyhow, now it's months since I read this book and I don't remember so much. Sorry!

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