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Pretty interesting article about the 2016 Presidential Election recount efforts: New Republic | Inside the Recount https://newrepublic.com/article/140254/inside. The story as I understood it before reading the article:
  1. Academic notices oddities in Wisconsin vote numbers, suggests an audit there.
  2. ???
  3. 3rd party candidate Jill Stein asks for full recount in three states
  4. State governments block and/or halt recounts

It's a sad story in which computer security folks point out worth-checking-on numbers in OMG fraught political whirlpools and everything goes to hell. It turns out if a security smartie notices something odd about an election, they can't just raise an alarm to the appropriate Secretary of State or what-have-you. Instead, they have to get a polticial party—presumably the losing party—to complain. But those folks won't decide based on "If someone tampered with election results, we should find out how so that we can guard against it in the figure." Instead, they decide based on "Will this win us an election that we would have lost?" Wisconsin didn't stop its recount, but Democrats were mad: Though we learned about things that went wrong, the vote-count-result change was that Trump gained votes. They weren't glad to know more, not glad that future vote-tamperers will have a harder time… just mad that the "other side" got higher numbers.

It's kind of amazing that democracy survives in spite of politicians.

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