: New: Book Report: Leading Teams

I'm used to management books aimed at team leaders. This book seems aimed higher, perhaps at directors. E.g. it talks about different levels of autonomy to grant a team; when I read this part, I thought of those as things handed down by higher management. (Those levels: executing the task; monitoring progress; designing the team itself; setting overall direction.) There were interesting anecdotes. Maybe if I'd spent more time thinking about these higher-level issues, I could have done better at figuring out how to apply these to situations I've seen. As it was, this book amused me but I'm not sure I got a lot out of it. (Maybe it would have helped if there had been more examples from engineering-land and not so many from aircraft crews? I'm sure there are similarities, but it's a stretch to find them.) We'll find out the next time I talk with an engineering director about something, I guess.

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