: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even your local Cinematheque

Puzzle nerds and movie buffs, you might be interested in this email I got after a phone call today:

Larry - good chatting with you. To recap our conversation:

I'm Jack Kelley, producer of the forthcoming feature film SOLVER. Our "prequel PR campaign", the Solver PuzzleHunt is coming out in December via @solverfilm 📷. A press release is attached with more info.

Solver is an all-ages mystery-adventure - think "the Goonies meets an escape room". Our expected launch date is January 29, 2018 which is National Puzzle Day.

We'd love to include you in the media coverage for the project as well as hear your feedback about how we can do a better job reaching the puzzle community.

A trailer and some other info (IMDB, media etc) is available on the website: http://www.empirebuilderproductions.com

Of course, the Puzzle Hunt starts December 1st and we'd be grateful for any coverage you can lend this fun & unique project.

warm regards,

So now I've got this picture in my head of all these independent filmmakers discussing their projects with one another, each one trying to be nicheier-than-thou. And Jack is there saying "So then I realized I could market this film by calling up a significant fraction of its potential audience…" and all the other executive producers step back in awe.

Oh, I started to copy-paste the attached press release, but now I see it's for release on November 29, so I guess I shouldn't copy-paste it? Anyhow. Go look at the web site; web sites are cooler than press releases. There's a movie, there's a puzzlehunt, something for everyone.

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