: New: Book Report: Sourdough

I'm acquainted with a former computer programmer who ditched that life to become a baker. But he didn't have magical-realism sourdough starter that responds to music. So maybe this book isn't that realistic. Anyhow, there's starter culture, startup culture, awareness of your place in the universe, an Alice Waters-ish figure who uses underhanded methods to keep in control of everything culinary… It's a fun read.

That's partly because it's a very San Francisco book. I recognize the settings; I am aware of my place in the universe and in the book's universe. Latterly, I live downhill from a Lois. The Outer Richmond indeed has more going on than is at first apparent. When the book needs a wasteland, it goes to the not-yet-cleaned-up bits of Alameda, which seems appropriate; I was reminded what they looked like when my work group went on a ferry outing.

And there's hope for the future because the author says he's interested in "puzzle fiction." I don't know what that means, exactly, but if it's something like Winston Breen, I'm in favor.

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