: New: Book Report: Beautiful Trouble

It's a bag of tricks, principles, theories, and case studies for political action: rallies, hoaxes, sit-ins, etc. It's interesting, and might inspire someone to expand their repertoire by pointing out overlooked tactics. On the other hand, there's no systematic this tactic is well-suited to these situations analysis—these aren't design patterns. And it's not clear how well some of these work in any situation. Folks who wrote some case studies pointed out how their action did (or didn't) move them towards their strategic goals. But some don't; and it's not clear that some of these actions had any positive effect. So… it's a fun read, but don't assume all of the case studies are positive examples, even if their writeups might lack a "What Didn't Work" section. Maybe be especially skeptical of those lacking a "What Didn't Work" section.

Tags: book politics

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