: New: Urban Morphology is Everywhere, even the Ferry Terminal

At the Stephan Leonoudakis Golden Gate Ferry Terminal the other day, I noticed that one of the two pay phones had gone away. That's not surprising; nowadays, pay phones tend to go away. But I'd based a puzzlehunt-puzzle on those two pay phones. The gist of the puzzle: find these pay phones. Suppose their phone numbers, encoded, are this; then what is that encoded message? With one of those phones gone, the puzzle was no longer solvable.

It's not surprising when pay phones go away. I had a contingency plan ready in case the two pay phones at the Stephan Leonoudakis Golden Gate Ferry Terminal went away. But I didn't have a plan ready in case just one phone went away. So… I made up a new contingency plan, tweaked the puzzle a little. Folks solving the puzzle today will have an easier than folks who solved it before. Fans of fairness will point out: that's not fair. But it's not a disaster when a puzzle gets easier.

Tags: 2tonegame puzzlehunts urban morphology

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