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A history of the months between the overthrow of the Tsar and the rise of Lenin, as told by China MiĆ©ville taking a break from writing science fiction long enough to untangle this mess such that one can try to understand it. It was a popular uprising in a place and time that wasn't set up for elections. No voting booths, no polls—to gauge "the will of the people," you'd wait for some firebrands to call for a strike/rally/whatever and see how crowded the streets got. It was a godawful mess, but probably less deadly than being ruled by the Tsar because this was happening during World War I when following your government in Europe tended to mean dying in a trench.

(In other news, I'm keeping an eye out for strangeness in this here blog. I wrote this here blog's tools in a now-ancient programming language (Python 2). The folks running the machines for this here site did an upgrade that didn't play nice with the ancient stuff, so I've been upgrading to a more-recent version of that programming language. Good chance that I overlooked some problems here or there. I wonder if this will actually appear anywhere…)

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