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If you like puzzles and/or beer & are free this Tuesday evening, maybe you want to do Puzzled Pint. In a bold departure from making puzzles about the # typographic symbol, I drafted some puzzles about the & typographic symbol. Then Neal Tibrewala (PM/editor) & a pleasantly-surprisingly-large number of Puzzled Pint playtesters made them much, much better. (I should write some notes about the puzzle designer's experience writing for PP because it is pretty smooth and swank.) Maybe an artist named "Sandy" added some art? I'm not sure about that last part; I'm not 100% sure who all was involved(?); I'm kind of curious to see how these puzzles turned out looking… which I can do on Tuesday evening, when Puzzled Pint gamerunners will hand out these puzzles in bars across the nation world. Solve the puzzle at http://www.puzzledpint.com/puzzles/may-2018/ampersand to find out the location of a puzzle-equipped bar near you.

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