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I volunteered to pick up trash today. Lately, San Francisco's been in the news for outlawing plastic straws but having streets littered with needles and human poop. So I kept count of some things as I went:
Qty Item
0 syringes/needles
0 human poops
1 pupper poops
5 plastic straws
many paper receipts from nearby restaurant

So… I'm thinking those folks complaining about prioritizing straw-bans vs pooping deterrence should find something better to complain about. E.g., complain about prioritizing straw-bans vs upzoning the Forest Hill neighborhood for more housing so more folks have residences inside of which they can poop.

(If you're a San Franciscan who'd like to help paint bridges, plant trees, trim trees, pick up trash, &c, &c, then you want to get in contact with Community Clean Team. Find out when they're coming to their district and/or sign up for the city-wide "sweep" coming up September 8.)

Oh gee whiz, I think there's a straw-ban straw-man pun hiding in there somewhere, but I can't quite reach it.

Tags: pedestrian politics

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