: New: Book Report: Breaking Cover

Autobiography of a lady who used her CIA ops training to interview 140+ displaced Iraqi families to screen them for bad folks so the not-bad folks could escape the war and live in Slovakia. As you might guess, this story is pretty exciting. It's even more exciting if you, the reader, are an atheist—the author is very Christian and says that God spoke through her… As in, the whole reason she and her husband helped all those people was that God spoke through her. So if you're an atheist, you're cringing and thinking about how all these people are putting their safety into the hands of this lady who seems kind of crazy. But… she succeeded in saving many lives, so maybe save that cringing for folks who always act normal but don't accomplish anything, right?

There is a bit about her career in the CIA, but not much. Much of what she did was classified, and for good reason. She operated in war zones. She interrogated dangerous people. She jumped into bunkers to avoid being blown up by explosives. She's necessarily hazy about the details, but you can tell there was a lot going on.

Her experience helping families to escape war-torn Iraq wasn't classified, and is pretty exciting. There's this surreal contrast between the war going on all around and here she sits doing paperwork so that everybody's documents will be in order when Slovakia is trying to figure out whether to really let all these folks in.

I also found out that she's related to someone I work with, which would explain how I indirectly happened to find out about this book and put it on my to-read list.

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