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We're putting together an MIT Mystery Hunt. It's an MIT Mystery Hunt—not some generic puzzle hunt. There should be some MIT-specific goodness in there. I joked "This doesn’t just mean extra-engineer-y." And yet. And yet. Maybe "extra-engineer-y" would get you pretty close.

Consider the old Mystery Hunt puzzle Analogy Farm. It abounds with MIT lore. Beware, spoilers for a six-year-old puzzle ahead! It's got plenty of MIT-lore. hack, college, all of that. And it's got some analogies based on extra-engineer-y things. Like those derivatives of position and derivative-derivatives and derivative-etc-derivatives, velocity-acceleration-jerk-snap-crackle-pop.

Lately, I've been reading this autobiography of this guy who didn't go to school at MIT, but did work at Draper Lab. And he mentions working with this MIT nerd who coined the jargon snap, crackle, and pop for those derivatives.

I'd thought that was just an over-the-top-engineer-y part of a puzzle, and it was…but it was perhaps also an MIT reference, though I didn't notice it at the time.

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