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[Content warning: implied violence]

This morning, I went for a stroll on the Embarcadero. I came up to a small gathered crowd and stopped when someone pointed out the reason for the crowd—a jogger had been stabbed in the back. There was the jogger crouched on the ground, knife sticking out. Cops arrived; ambulance arrived. I wasn't helping, so I walked off.

Because I am very clever, I realized: Hey, the stabber left his knife in the jogger's back. Thus it's safe for me to continue with my stroll in the direction that the stabber rode off. It seems brave, but it's just common sense. And so I continued along. (I wouldn't say I was nonchalant. Okay, I was looking back over my shoulder whenever I heard anything.)

By Skygate, a swarm of cops stood around. Two of them held the arms of a potential stabber.

By Pier 39, there was another ambulance. I figured that tourist must have pretty bad luck, having a big health issue just as much of the local emergency services were distracted with something else.

Except when I checked the news this afternoon I saw: that Pier 39 ambulance was there to help a second stabbing victim. Apparently the stabber was prepared with more than one knife.

This probably goes to show something about relying too much on cleverness in crisis situations.

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