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How I've been doing lately (nothing exciting):

I mostly sit around and read stuff on the internet, like you're doing right now. I subscribed to a local newssite, the SF Chronicle, because I noticed that folks were linking their articles for local pandemic news. Now I read even more.

I only get out once every two or three days. Usually that's for a pre-dawn walk. (It's pretty easy to maintain distance from everyone else before everyone else is awake.) But sometimes, there's a mid-day errand. Yesterday, my parents found a box of N95 masks at their place, no doubt left over from some fire season. I walked that box of masks over to a hospital. On days when I don't get a walk, I do an exercise routine inside.

Some days aren't quite filled by those activities. On such a day, I might get a little work in on writing up my experience working on the MIT Mystery Hunt last year. It's a chance to think back on a simpler time.

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