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I got an email from a game show that's casting. If you're a trivia nerd in California, they'd love to hear from you:

I'm Joanna, one of the Casting Producers for the hit quiz game TV show, "The Chase!"

I came across your blog and the many extreme, puzzle hunting competitions you've participated in. In my research, I've found several people who loved puzzle hunts seem to also love trivia!

We're reaching out to find people from all walks of life; folks with academic and real-world smarts, who want to put their knowledge to the test and have fun!

We would be thrilled to invite YOU and encourage anyone else you may know in the puzzle-solving, trivia-loving world to apply to our TV show and be considered to showcase their trivia knowledge!

Would it be possible to share our casting registration and information with any puzzle fans in your network who may be in California and/or easy driving distance to California?

**We are casting throughout California and our entire casting process is done remotely/online. We'd love to encourage anyone living in California and interested to apply.**

One of the easiest ways that helps us get word out about our casting call is to share our our information within this email with the website registration link pasted below via social media, but we would appreciate any forms of sharing you might feel more comfortable with such as on your website or privately in an email to the people who you think may be interested. If this might be possible, please let us know!

We're casting for a short time, so apply with us at www.thechasecasting.com ASAP to start the process!

***After registering, applicants may receive an emailed invite to schedule a Zoom call - please select a time on Tuesdays or Fridays at 11am or 5pm if possible to meet with our team!***

Past seasons of "The Chase" can be found on Netflix and YouTube if you've never seen it. Here's our casting information:


A Major Broadcast Network is bringing back the smash hit quiz show “The Chase!”

BIGGER dollar amounts, BIGGER offers and one BIG surprise, 3 Superstar new Chasers!

We’re looking for trivia buffs to take on a new generation of Chasers. You can audition entirely from home! To submit yourself for consideration, fill out the short form below.”

*Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements to be considered.


Thank you so much for your time! Please reach out if you have any questions,
Joanna Whitmarsh
Casting Producer
The Chase

Now you know as much about it as I do.

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