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Wildfire smoke having relented in San Francisco, I resumed my exercise-walks. I noticed some Hash House Harrier marks on the ground. The Hash House Harriers, you will recall, is the drinking club with a running problem.

photo: chalk marks on ground indicating that HHH hounds should choose carefully photo: chalk marks on ground: phrase 'on in' with an arrow

I wondered: How have the Harriers adapted to these pandemic-y times? Runners breathe plenty; these days, it's unwise to run through the exhalations of someone not in one's pod.

I searched the internet and found the Santa Cruz HHH covid-adjustments. Social gathering is on Zoom; drinks are BYoB; wear masks when gathered; don't gather so closely.

And I found the Munich HHH covid changes. Germany has controlled the pandemic better than the USA has; and thus their covid-changes aren't so far from normal. (I'm not sure if "normal" is the right word to describe the HHH, but anyhow…) They don't BYOB, but they do have to bring their own mugs. And they maintain distance.

It's times like this that one wishes one lived in a competently-governed country, but here we are.

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