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Computer nerds, take note: I just enjoyed watching "Overflow," a @WebWarStories episode about debugging and fixing a gnarly computer bug. The bug occurred on a rapidly-growing-popular web site, so there's a "fixing the airplane while in flight" nail-biting suspenseful aspect to the tale. After the prepared story, some grizzled computer veterans chew the fat about other incidents. (I liked the prepared story; I liked the other stuff too, but worry that ?maybe? some parts only make sense to folks who worked on Twitter. Like, they made sense to me, but ?maybe? that's because I knew enough to fill in some gaps.) Anyhow: watch, like, subscribe, wonder "who uses a signed int to hold a count, reflect that hindsight is easy, etc.

I hope there are more episodes forthcoming, yep. Maybe from engineers from some other orgs in addition to Twitter engs?

Behold: a link to the Web War Stories YouTube channel.

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