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A while back, you might recall, I tried using the Randonautica app. The app chooses a random walk destination nearby. i got frustrated with the app and uninstalled it: when I switched between apps on my phone to snap a photo or what-have-you, Randonautica "forgot" my destination.

Randonautica has recently been testing out a new beta version. I tried it out. I switched between apps, and Randonautica didn't "forget" my destination, hurrah. I noticed that switching between apps generally worked more smoothly—as near as I could tell, Randonautica didn't improve this. Instead, the underlying Android OS got better at letting apps switch without forcing any of them to quit. If I force-quit the Randonautica app, it still "forgot" my destination. Bah. I un-installed the new beta version.

Instead, I'll use RandoWalk. It's a web app. I tap a button to tell the app where I am; I tap another button to ask it to choose a walking destination. Easy-peasy. It's a web app, so it runs in the browser. (I'm not sure if the default iPhone browser can figure out where you are, but I don't have an iPhone, so that's somebody else's problem.) There's the risk of it forgetting my desitnation when I switch between apps; but it's a free web app, so I'll cut it some slack.

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