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The postal service hasn't been delivering my mail. (Some of y'all with amazing memories might think, "This has happened to Larry before." Yep, it's happening again.)

If you sent me a birthday card/note and I haven't thanked you, be aware: that's because I didn't receive the card/note. Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply.

(Yes, I reported the issue to USPS. A nice USPS worker talked to some other USPS worker and then marked the issue "resolved" some days back. No mail has arrived since then. I guess I'll re-report the issue.)

For the conspiracy theorists among you: This has happened to me before; specifically, this has happened to me before Louis DeJoy started monkeying with the USPS. Maybe this is his fault, but there's also some reason to guess that it's not his fault.

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