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Consider this a "soft re-opening" announcement for Octothorpean.

Also, I'm asking for bright ideas on a UI/usability thing.

Update: a couple of smarties suggested using "Import/Export" instead of "Save/Restore" and that sounds good to me.

Unlike the previous version of Octothorpean, this new version doesn't have you log in to an account to track your progress. Instead, it saves your progress in local storage. You're thinking, But what if I want to stop working on this machine and start working on that machine? Local storage sits on a machine; it doesn't magically zap itself to other machines. Do I have to start over?

Instead of making you start over, I set up a way you can copy a special blob of text on this machine, get it to that machine (perhaps by emailing it to yourself or whatever), and paste it… and then hey nonny now that machine is caught up on your progress.

What words should I use for this process? Right now, the link to the page is a 💾 and I use the words "Save" and "Restore" to talk about getting the info off of one machine and using it on another machine. But I dunno how well "Save" and "Restore" convey the idea of what's going on; and I doubt the youth of today know what to expect when they click on a 💾.

Anyhow, "Save" and "Restore" aren't terrible, but I wouldn't be shocked or dismayed if one of the geniuses who reads this pipes up with "There's another game _____ that does this same thing and they use the words ____ and _____ and they don't expect their users to know what a floppy disk is for."

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