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The future is amazing.

FedEx: Hello Lawrence, I'm the FedEx Virtual Assistant. I'm here to help you with your questions regarding FedEx® services.
Lawrence: I uploaded a file to print but got errors. I renamed it from something.html.pdf to something.pdf , it worked.
FedEx: FedEx Office® Print Online pricing is specific to your file, paper and finishing options, as well as to the location selected for pickup. To get the most accurate pricing, we suggest you upload your files and select your print options. Or you can contact your local store for print estimate information.
Lawrence: Please tell your programmers.
FedEx: Perhaps you meant…:
  • I would like to track my package

In the bad old days, I might have waited on hold on the phone for five minutes to fail to get a bug report to a company's computer programmers. Thanks to the magic of chatbots, such failure now takes only seconds.

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