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You may recall that some months back I started playing a walking-around game called Orna. I'm still playing it these days and hit a milestone this morning: My character is №100 in my region (Northern California). I'm on my local leaderboard:

Screen shot showing Player Record for Orna Character Captain Ghost-Man. Level 188. Global Rank 6671. Regional Rank 100. Competitive Rank 35975. Title 'The Explorer 4'. Playtime 35 days. Areas explored 1458. Areas taken 235. Quests completed 3087. Gauntlet wins 1205. Items upgraded 1113. Screen shot showing bottom of a regional leaderboard. In 100th place, Captain Ghost-Man. #99 YesYouKnowWhoIAm. #98 XxcaliburxX. #97 Cymm - Lady of Plsia. #96 Visvoog. #95 Shamey. #94 Tofu the Great. #93 King Leonidas.

Captain Ghost-Man, that's me, currently hanging onto 100th place by my fingernails. (I usually play as "Captain Gnome-Man", but switched to the spooker "Ghost" for Hallowe'en season.) I joined a kingdom (the Orna equivalent of a "guild") called The Bluemoons, which is mostly based out of Tampa, but which puts up with me hanging out in "the other Bay Area."

I still play other walking-around games. I switch between apps as I walk. I still play Munzee; I still play Troubadour Tour Board.

I still eagerly await the Hello Kitty Kawaii World AR Game. Then again, I thought I was eagerly awaiting the Catan World Explorers game, but apparently that fizzled, so never mind.

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