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Lately, I've been playing a new walking-around game: Pikmin Bloom. As I walk, I look at a map on my phone, where I see that I'm leaving a trail of little flowers behind me. I also see trails of little flowers left by my neighbors. These little flowers, in turn, cause some giant flowers to bloom. It's a pretty game to play as one walks around, and a pleasant break from beating up on monsters (the storyline of most other walking-around games, it seems).
[Screen shot: a world of green grass sprinkled with flowers of various size]

My friend code is 8921 1620 8685; if you're also playing Pikmin Bloom, you can use that to "befriend" me and we can exchange Pikmin-festooned electronic postcards.

[QR code]

I still play other walking-around games. I switch between apps as I walk. I still play Munzee; I still play Troubadour Tour Board.

I still eagerly await the Hello Kitty Kawaii World AR Game, which I hope will be as cute as Pikmin bloom but perhaps featuring fewer allergens.

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