: New: Link: "Puzzle World" Discord

I joined the Puzzle World Discord, a set of chat rooms for puzzlehunt and gnarly-puzzle enthusiasts. If you're not into Mystery Hunt and peek at this Discord today, you might think "oh gee whiz maybe I shouldn't join;" there's been a lot of Mystery Hunt chatter lately. But it's not supposed to just be about Mystery Hunt. I guess that most people on this Discord found out about its existence the same way I did: at the Ask-Me-Anything followup to the recent Mystery Hunt. There are spaces to talk about other puzzle hunts and puzzles.

(I also lurk on a Slack for puzzle constructors, which lately gets, uhm, about one message per month. Maybe a Discord for constructors and solvers will have more people and thus have more sustained conversation? I can hope.)

(I also lurk on a Discord for Pikmin Bloom players, which gets so much conversation that I don't care about. Like, there are too many chatty people so in practice I never look at what's going on there, I just set up some notifications to ping me if someone's trying to talk shit about me behind my back. I hope Puzzle World gets just the right number of chatty people… oh man, the Pikmin Bloom main channel in the last few minutes has had a "Hello" and a "What's up" and I don't know why those chatters think that thousands of people needed to see that.)

Anyhow, if you follow this here blog for the puzzlehunty bits, then there's a decent chance you'd enjoy chatting in Puzzle World, check it out.

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