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If your memory is very good, you might remember there was a TV crew getting footage at the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt. Specifically, I dodged around that crew as I carried pancakes at the Pancake Pictionary Character Breakfast event.* Now a TV Show, CBS Sunday Morning, has aired a feature using that footage. Thus you can now see some video of the pancake event. Also, they show folks milling around spots on the Rumpelstiltskin's Cottage mini-runaround puzzle that I wrote: staring at a giant periodic table, rubbing George Eastman's nose, etc. Yeah, that's right: I made an especially telegenic Mystery Hunt puzzle (albeit by piggybacking on scenic MIT spots).

Anyhow, you can take a look. It starts out with stuff from the 2020 MIT Mystery Hunt and then gets into other puzzly interests of author A.J. Jacobs.

still frame from video. some nerds stand before a large periodic table of elements. Closed caption reads: over 50 teams so it's like iron man triathlon for the brain. silly, you say? all right, so a.j.

*The TV crew was there to follow an author around. When I wrote about it, I got the author wrong, relaying a false rumor, d'oh. The correct author was A.J. Jacobs.

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