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I got my second COVID-19 vaccine booster today.

shoulder with a band-aid with an upside-down Walgreens logo. If you're designing a logo that might be used on a band-aid, design an ambigram

I didn't get this second booster as soon as it was available; I waited a bit. UCSF medical smartie Bob Wachter advised older folks to get their second booster ASAP, but advised semi-older folks to wait until we thought we were heading into a surge. This advice seemed strange: if we expect a booster's "oomph" to last about four months, shouldn't I get my second booster four months after the previous one?

Attempting to telepathically interpret Wachter's reading of CDC tea leaves: I guess that he guesses that the CDC will keep periodically issuing boosters to seniors; but might be slow to boost not-yet-seniors like me. As I write this, I only qualify for my second booster because I'm >50 years old. My forty-something youngster friends mostly don't qualify… and lately the new-case rate has made one think Oh gee whiz a booster would be a good idea right about now.

tl;dr I tried to time the start of a surge, something I'm definitely not medically qualified to do, and so today I got my second booster. Here's a selfie.

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