: New: Thr33dle

I made Thr33dle, a version of 3-Polydle with an auto-suggest function. That's a strange statement with a lot to unpack.

In the past few months, I've played a lot of Polydle, a Wordle variant that lets you play several Wordle games simultaneously. It's a fun game and you can really work out your brain picking a "next guess" that masterminds a few words at once.

I noticed I was spending a lot of my time picking a "next guess". I'd get into the game, eventually look up, and realize too many minutes had passed…

I needed to cure myself of Polydle. I wrote a little computer program to pick my "next guess" so that I wouldn't feel compelled to spend time doing so "by hand". And now I'm putting a 3-Wordle with an auto-suggest function up on my website because the world is entitled to my obsessions. Yes. Go play Thr33dle.

Tags: puzzle scene programming