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I joined a couple more social networks, WT.social and cohost. I guess when E1on Mսsk threatened to buy Twitter, people started looking for places to go next. Thus, new socials popped up on my RADAR. Anyhow, if you're on WT.social and/or cohost, I darez you to [ follow | befriend | whatever ] me.

The automatic thingy that copies my blog posts over to Twitter and Tumblr doesn't support WT.social or cohost. So for the past few days, I've been copying my blog posts there and there by hand. It's a mild hassle. Mսsk's takeover threat turned into a lawsuit which goes to trial in… October? So some time in/after October we'll know whether Twitter will be ruined and whether people are likely to stay on these other services. "I guess I can keep hand-copying blog posts until October," he grumbled.

I'm still happy on Mastodon. If Twitter gets ruined, I could be pretty happy if everyone moved over to Mastodon. I hand-copy my blog posts over to Mastodon, but I don't grumble about it. It feels worth it because people there comment and such.

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